About Us

Corporate History

For over 25+ years, Sonic Transport has been the logistic company of choice servicing thousands of customers across the US. As a family owned and operated business, we take a ”hands-on” approach to managing the entire logistic process. This philosophy has translated into mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients in industries such as: truck dealerships, body manufacturers, refuse, suppliers, fleet leasing, bank repo companies, construction, building suppliers, US Military, fire department and exporters to name but a few.

About Our Executive Management Team

Our partners possess over 45 years of diversified industry experience that translates into a success formula in business and in life. With our personal attention to details, we insure that each and every client receives the individual attention and professionalism that they deserve. This in turn generates respect, trust and loyalty that has been demonstrated throughout our company’s 25+ year history.

Nationally, Sonic Transport has established an extensive database of business partners that affords us the ability to provide our customers with cost effective solution for any of your transportation needs. Our business managers possess vast industry experiences both running and managing mom and pop organizations to Fortune 100 companies in a variety of industries. With our vast knowledge base, custom designed routing systems, and our expert customer service and our Exclusive Service Guarantee; we have the total care logistic solution for your transportation needs.

Through our dedication to customer service excellence, we develop structured business practices & implement them utilizing a professional work ethic. With our creativity and vast experience with computer technology, we have developed a mobile routing system that places at our dispatchers fingertips the power of the web anywhere anytime. Through our superior customer service and professional staffing we insure the highest on-time deliveries (98.5%) of your vehicle or load. This philosophy has allowed us to continue to grow our organization each and every year. One of our core goals that separates us from the competition is to insure the success of our partners by gaining a complete understanding of their own goals and expectations. A commitment from Sonic Transport is one that can be relied upon. We only believe in 100% of our customers’ satisfaction!

As part of our continuing commitment to service excellence, we actively participate with the E-Verify system. In addition we exceed all requirements and standards of the FMCSA and require all of our vendors to provide the same level of service.

Our philosophy is to maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire delivery process. Your customer relationships are valued and trusted partnerships that we further solidify with our professional customer service. Our company motto is “Success Through Service Excellence.”

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